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We are Girls for Technology

Changing the future of science, technology, engineering, and math professions by inspiring and equipping girls of all backgrounds to pursue these fields.


Go to After School Program

After School Program

Meeting up to three times a week at their local school, girls participate in hands-on STEM projects that bolster the Common Core Curriculum. Topics range from DNA testing to HTML web development, as girls build their own STEM portfolio and are invested in by an industry mentor.
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Go to Saturday Math & Science

Saturday Math & Science

Meeting every other Saturday at a local college or university, the day’s program covers everything from Cyber Citizenship to Entrepreneurship to Digital Animation, exposing girls to a wide variety of STEM careers and helping them build their STEM portfolio.
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Go to Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

Parents are key partners in supporting their girls interested in STEM. That’s why we offer a wide range of workshops specifically for parents to provide you with tools and resources to support your daughters as they pursue these STEM fields.
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Go to Robotics


Join a team of middle or high school girls as they design, build, test, and program a robot, and then travel with them to compete in various robotics competitions. Girls not only learn vital STEM skills but also grow in their confidence, communication, and teamwork abilities.
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Go to Workshops & More

Workshops & More

We come to you with a wide range of workshop and training opportunities for middle and high school girls and their parents, too. Whether you are looking for a STEM-based workshop in DNA testing, Cyber Security, or Animation, or want to empower parents as they support their girls, through the College Search Profess, we are ready to serve you.
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"Girls For Technology has had a wonderful impact on my daughter both academically and socially. Her grades have improved and her willingness to learn new things within the program. GFT has built her confidence a lot, and she is more open to talk and share her thoughts. My daughter is always looking forward to being with such a positive group of people."

Changing the Face of STEM

Facts & Figures

Women dominate the professional workforce and yet, the tech world is till a boys club in many ways. But women are breaking down the door. Computer Science and Engineering majors are increasingly women. 18-20 percent of all Engineering students are women, a big increase over the last 25 years.

  • Among individuals holding professional jobs in the U.S., 56% are Women

  • Only 28% of Proprietary software jobs are held by women

  • Only 25% of IT jobs are held by women

  • Only 5% of Tech Start-ups are owned by women

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