Girls For Technology

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We plan events to empower girls to be makers, designers, and builders of the 21st century!
We aim to create a more diverse and inclusive environment in technology and engineering spaces by providing girls and young women with the essential skills they need to be successful.

We Need Your Support

Join us in strengthing our vision, mission, and purpose
by helping more girls become leaders in the STEM field.
Look through our Volunteer Opportunities, then fill out our
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Note: Background screening required.



  • Teach a workshop during our After-School or Saturday Math & Science Academy to girls at your location or at a location that we have secured.

Location Provider

  • Provide space and/or equipment needed to host a workshop, typically on Saturday between 10:00AM- 3:30PM.

Professional Photographer and/or Videographer

  • We are seeking a skilled photographer and/or videographer to help in the creation of online and video content. Ideal for candidates interested and experienced in photography and multi-media production. ** All photos taken are solely for Girls For Technology use**

Workshop and/or Field Trip Organizer

  • Organize an event in your local area, or help us organize a field trip that will provide girls more exposure to all the awesome STEM careers.


Curriculum Development

  • Experience with curriculum development or teaching is preferred. Excellent written and verbal skills required.

Outreach Coordinator

  • Responsible for being a good steward of Girls For Technology. Being a steward means fostering community partnerships and partnering with cities, towns and school districts to expand our program’s reach.

Fundraising Team

  • Is responsible for cultivating a fundraising group (or “partners circle”) that host events to raise funds for Girls For Technology. These volunteers help with event planning and preparations, soliciting donations (for raffle prizes), selling tickets or tables to local businesses/residents, shopping, decorating and setting up for the event.

Experienced Grant Writer

  • Seeking an outgoing and energetic person who will be responsible for all aspects of raising support from foundations, corporations, and government sources requiring written proposals for both unrestricted and operating revenue and restricted projects.