April 24, 2017

After School Program

Students are selected for this STEM-based program based on academic need and their ability to manage the extended day. Meeting after school for approximately two hours up to three days a week, girls are led in project-based learning activities by industry professionals (including certified teachers, college professors, and industry leaders). Local volunteers partner with the program as well, serving as one-on-one mentors for the girls throughout the school year.

The STEM projects and goals complement the Common Core Standards found in the classroom curricula providing a cohesive educational experience. After School programs also include additional academic and homework help and field trips focused on STEM career exploration.

Examples of Program Topics:

  • Coding and Website Development
  • Soldering and Circuitry
  • Arduino Open Source Programming
  • Digital Animation
  • Entrepreneurship Skills and Planning
  • Engineering
  • Cyber Security

Program Goals:

  • Introduce students to wide variety of STEM projects
  • Support girls in developing their own STEM-focused portfolio in their areas of interest
  • Explore STEM-focused careers

How to sign up:
To find out if this program is offered in your school or if you are interested in starting this program at your school, please contact us info@girlsfortechnology.org.