October 20, 2016

Our Values

Our Commitment

Girls For Technology, Inc., will demonstrate professional and personal character traits
that facilitate thoughtful and effective operations through:

• We interact with ourselves and others with the utmost in respect, honesty, and transparency.
• We practice careful stewardship of all financial, natural, and human resources.

Serving with Excellence
• We deliver quality services that make a positive impact on our communities.
• We participate in constant evaluation and improvement of our programs and operations.

• We place the interest of the individuals and communities we serve at the forefront of decision-making.
• We are actively, personally involved in our community and treat it with integrity and respect.

• We seek new ideas within our field and are committed to turning these ideas into a reality.
• We strive for meaningful, creative solutions to obstacles we face.

• We embrace our individuality and encourage excitement and fun in all that we do.
• We incorporate creativity, humor, and spontaneity into our programs and operations.