April 24, 2017

Saturday Math & Science

Saturday Math & Science is an enrichment program that meets every other Saturday morning at a local college or university throughout the school year. The program is an opportunity for girls to get hands-on experience with STEM. Each Saturday a different STEM project or topic is introduced, and girls have the opportunity to develop their own STEM-focused portfolio along with vital skills to serve them into the future.

Examples of Activities:

  • Career Research in STEM
  • Guest Speakers from STEM fields
  • Digital Animation and Video Game Design
  • Leadership Development
  • Cyber Citizenship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Website Development

Program Goals:

  • Gain 21st Century skills in communication, teamwork, advocating for oneself, and analytical thinking
  • Expose girls to wide variety of STEM careers
  • Apply problem-solving skills to STEM projects
  • Increase self-confidence in tackling STEM projects

How to sign up:
These programs are offered throughout the year. Sign up for our Mailing List for periodic notifications, and contact us at info@girlsfortechnology.org for the latest schedule.