November 17, 2016



Girls For Technology has had a wonderful impact on my daughter both academically and socially. Her grades have improved and her willingness to learn new things within the program. GFT has built her confidence a lot, and she is more open to talk and share her thoughts. My daughter is always looking forward to being with such a positive group of people.

Rosie May 11, 2017

I am so happy my daughter is a part of Girls for Technology. Their goal is not only about developing digital skills—it’s also about closing the gender digital divide by empowering tech-savvy young women to become community leaders. Every Saturday a team of smart and motivated girls have learned something new about technology and creative ways of using it to either solve a real-world problem or help the community.

Seeing the girls compete in the FIRST robotics scrimmage was amazing. They completed challenge after challenge and at the same time had so much fun. I believe my daughter's newfound digital and leadership skills has increased her educational opportunities as well as the confidence needed to seize them. I am thankful for Girls For Technology!

Sonja November 17, 2016